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broekn chain next to a motorcycle

One of many chain problems I've experienced over the years .

ChainMate - Lazy Rider's Solution to Chain Maintenance

Regular chain lubrication, as annoying as it may be, is essential. It took me years to learn it, mostly, the hard way through many painful experiences. Still, after a long day of riding, the last thing that a sweaty, hungry and tired rider wants to do is lube the chain, If the bike doesn't have a center stand, it's even less fun. While this is true for any rider, long range moto-travelers probably feel the most pain.

In addition to the hassle factor, once a day or once in 500 miles is not really enough to keep the chain properly lubricated. Constant chain lubrication, while the motorcycle is moving, can substantially extend chain's life.

ChainMate was developed as a hobby project, using off-the-shelf components as much as possible. Over the years, several different versions were implemented and tested, from a simple gravity-fed oiler to a Bluetooth enabled one, controlled via a smart phone app. Latest version is a simple solution that keeps chain lubed without any bells and whistles.

Various version of the oiler were tested for tens of thousands of miles on pavement and dirt by motorcycle riders on six continents. There is no substitute for real-life testing in challenging environments. Many flaws and problems were detected and corrected by pushing a design to the point of failure.

A number of companies offer various solutions for the continuous motorcycle chain lubrication. Their products vary in features, sophistication and prices. ChainMate was developed with quality, functionality and price in mind. There are no expensive molds, no fancy retail packaging, no expensive contractors, distributors or sales agents to jack up the price.

plastic hose plastic box and plastic bottle

Oiler set - 60ml oil reservoir, electronics box, dispensing hose and a steel wire to keep hose in place.

Current design has a simple one button and one LED user interface and has been thoroughly tested on rough roads of SW USA, Southern Africa. and South America. Distinguishing features of this oiler are:

Availability and Pricing

A limited number of units is available for riders who are interested in testing the oiler. If you are planning a longer ride (at least several thousand miles) over the next few months, please send an inquiry. Price of the test units is the nominal cost of the parts - $50. However, a detailed feedback on performance, ease of use and usefulness for your type of riding is expected.

Full production is supposed to start in the summer of 2024.